5 Tips to Make Your Company Christmas Cards Stand Out

With the festive season rapidly approaching, there’s a lot to prepare in the run up to Christmas. Decorations, presents, food, parties… the list is endless! Sorting your company Christmas cards is one task where we can save you a headache. We’ve put together our 5 top tips for creating the perfect Christmas card:

1. Use quality print materials that your recipients will appreciate as soon as they touch your cards. In general, the thicker the card you use, the higher quality the cards will feel. Talk to us about finding the right balance between quality and cost.

2. Pick the perfect festive colour. Classic Christmas colours are a always a winner, so here are our favourite Christmas colours by GF Smith:

Plike – Green
Peregrina Classics – Metallic Gold
Colorplan – Bright Red
Cranes Crest – Pearl White
Twist – Gold
Peregrina majestic – Gardeners Green
Gmund Treasury – Essence
Beckett Cambric – Blazer Blue

3. Why not choose a foil finish for that extra special touch? Speak to us and we can give you expert advice on which foil would work best for your cards.

4. Personalise your cards and incorporate elements of your company or industry into your design using images, text and logos. Your recipients will be able to identify and relate to the personalisation and will love the extra touch.

5. Make sure your content is engaging and offers that little bit more for the recipient. Christmas is a time for fun, so alongside your ‘thank you’ messages and Christmas greetings, why not put in a few cracker-style jokes or a festive game? There’s no rule to say your Christmas card has to be a straightforward greeting!

Contact Rapidity today to see how we can work together to make exceptional company Christmas cards that will seriously impress your recipients! Click here to find out more.